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Grove Series

Wood Market umbrellas are classic, and the Grove series gives you all the tradition and attraction they have always offered. The sourced hardwoods are subtle grained and finished to provide the warmth and character expected from a wood product. The Grove series comes in sizes across the umbrella spectrum to mix and match in any combination.
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Golden State Series

A midsummer evening view from almost any perch in California bathes the senses in the golden hues of a western sunset. California is called the Golden State for many reasons, but there’s no arguing that the name is well earned as you take in the view of a waning day over the Pacific, and this is where the inspiration for the Golden State series meets you.
The revolutionary Collar Tilt that made California Umbrella a standard, endures as a continuing benchmark for effortless operation. Chase the sun to the horizon with the continuous motion of the canopy as you wring out the last bit of golden light from the day, shading the low hanging sun from your evening.
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