frequently asked questions

Warranty information for products from our California Umbrella line is available at here. Warranty length on canopies will vary depending on the fabric of the canopy which is outlined at the provided link.

The warranty length on the Sunline line of items is 90 days and covers manufacturer's defects.
The canopy can be removed and replaced on each of our umbrellas:

For non-cantilever, center pole umbrellas, there are video instructions on how to do so here (note that the instructions begin at about 2:08 in the video runtime, so the link will bring you to this point in the video).

For the BA908 model cantilever umbrella, there are video instructions on how to remove and replace the canopy here (note that the instructions begin at about 3:47 in the video runtime, so the link will bring you to this point in the video).

For the CALI118 and CALI338 model cantilever umbrellas, there are video instructions on how to remove and replace the canopy here (note that the instructions begin at about 4:44 in the video runtime, so the link will bring you to this point in the video).
The pole diameter is 1.5”, which is standard for most patio umbrellas and compatible with most bases and patio tables designed for use with patio umbrellas.
We cannot guarantee that our canopies will fit on frames from other manufacturers.
The measurement used to denote an umbrella refers to the open canopy diameter rather than the height of the umbrella.
Please call us at (909) 622-4800 or e-mail us at and we would be happy to assist you with purchasing a replacement canopy.
Our 7.5-foot umbrellas provide about 45 sq. ft. of shade. These are great for providing shade for a bistro or balcony.

Our 9-foot umbrellas provide about 63 sq. ft. of shade and are ideal for shading a 6-person dining set.

Our 11-foot umbrellas provide about 95 sq. ft. of shade and are perfect for shading a 6-8 person dining set.
We recommend closing the umbrella and covering it with a protective cover when not in use to prevent fading and staining of the canopy. We offer the UC100 cover for center pole umbrellas with up to a 9-foot canopy diameter and the UC101 cover for 11-foot center pole umbrellas. We also include the UC102 cover with our 10-and-11-foot CALI series cantilever umbrellas.
Most of our umbrellas do not include a base with purchase. We do offer a selection of bases, which can be purchased separately.
We recommend spot cleaning any of our canopies with mild soap or detergent and a soft bristle brush before allowing to air dry. Our Pacifica and Sunbrella canopies can also be machine washed on cold settings only before air drying. Canopies should be air dried only regardless of fabric type. We advise against machine drying or power washing canopies as this may compromise the fabric strength.
These models include our RL50 base, which is a set of 4 fillable pieces that should be filled with sand. If the base is filled with water, damage could be caused due to changes in weather. Such damages caused by effects of weather in a base filled with water are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
We recommend closing the canopy when not in use to prevent damage due to adverse weather.
The base size for your umbrella is best determined by the size of your umbrella as well as whether the umbrella will be in a free-standing configuration or used in a patio table.
We recommend keeping the original box for storage purposes, as well as storing the umbrella where it is safe from the elements and wildlife. If the canopy is cleaned or otherwise exposed to moisture, it should be completely dry before storing to prevent mildew.
If the umbrella is being used in a table, it should also be used in conjunction with a base of a suitable weight to provide stability against wind.
Each of the four crossbars measures 29” in length.
Below are measurements from the floor to the bottom of the crank mechanism on crank open umbrellas. If the patio tabletop measures below this measurement, then the umbrella is compatible.

ATA758 – 41 1/2”
ATA908 – 41 7/8”
GSPT608 – 38 1/8”
GSPT758 – 37 3/4”
GSPT908 – 34 1/4”
GSCU118 – 33 7/8”
GSCU908 – 33 7/8”
GSCUF908 – 34”
GSCUF118 – 33 3/4”
GSCUF758 – 34”
SDAU908 – 33”
SDAU118 – 33”
ECO906 – 44 1/2”
LUNA116 – 33 3/4”
PTS908 – 40 5/8”
ALUS756T – 37 3/4”
ALUS908 – 33 5/8”
Please note that differences in monitor settings may reflect differences in color appearance online and actual colors may vary slightly from those onscreen.
We have a limited amount of bar height 45” bottom poles that will extend your umbrella to a height that is likely more compatible with your patio table. To inquire about purchasing one of these, please contact
We are sorry to hear that your umbrella arrived without a finial cap! Please submit your proof of purchase and your preferred shipping address to and we would be glad to assist you.
Most of our umbrellas do not include a protective cover. We offer protective covers for purchase separately. The UC100 cover is compatible with 9-foot center pole umbrellas and the UC101 cover is compatible with 11-foot center pole umbrellas.
We are sorry to hear that you received a damaged finial cap! Please submit your proof of purchase, a photo of the damaged item, and your preferred shipping address to and we would be glad to assist you.
Although a protective cover is not necessary, covering the umbrella when not in use helps reduce fading of the umbrella, prevents striping fade patterns that can be caused by leaving the umbrella closed but uncovered in the sun, and minimizes the exposure of the umbrella ribs and components to elements and adverse weather.
We are sorry to hear that your umbrella arrived without the bottom pole! Please submit your proof of purchase and your preferred shipping address to and we would be glad to assist you.
These metal rods connect to form an extender rod tool to easily pull the cover over the closed umbrella canopy. There are video instructions for use of the protective cover here (note that these instructions begin at about 3:50 in the video runtime, so the link will bring you to this point in the video).
This is a normal occurrence in new umbrellas due to tension in the canopy fabric. With time and use, tension in the crank mechanism will be lessened.
Although our umbrellas are water-resistant, none of our umbrellas are waterproof, as our umbrellas are designed primarily for shade purposes. We recommend your umbrella be closed and stored in adverse weather to prevent the umbrella from sustaining damage.
In this situation, the issue is typically caused by the internal cord that is operated by the crank mechanism being stuck in the umbrella frame. A solution for this problem is to have one person crank the umbrella down while a second person puts downward pressure on the ribs and canopy of the umbrella to alleviate the issue.
All our commercial grade umbrellas are designed for the rigors of commercial use. They feature reinforced parts, and do not have crank or tilt mechanisms. Our commercial umbrellas have commercial frame warranties that range from one to three years. In contrast, most of our residential umbrellas have crank and tilt mechanisms. While these parts allow for ease of used, they can be misused and tend to fail first with long term use. If a residential grade umbrella is used for commercial purposes, then our warranty is reduced to 90 days.
We do not currently have authorized repair centers or a repair line, although we do offer limited replacement parts. To inquire about replacement parts for a damaged umbrella, please contact We also recommend contacting your local pool supply store regarding a broken umbrella, as these stores typically offer patio umbrella repairs.
The price of the color corresponds with the fabric type, so when comparing two colors of different fabric grades, there is a price difference reflected between selections.
Our umbrella canopies are offered in Olefin, Pacifica, and Sunbrella fabrics, which are described more in depth below.

Olefin fabrics are made with high durability synthetic Olefin fibers that offer improved fade resistance over lesser grade fabric materials like polyester and cotton. This fabric’s color selections match up perfectly with all the most popular colors on the market without breaking the budget. Olefin fabrics are available in 20 fashionable and popular color choices and offer a 1-year fade resistance warranty.

A new fabric designed by California Umbrella, Pacifica is a solution-dyed polyester fabric that has been perfected for the use with our quality made umbrellas. The proprietary selection offers tremendous possibilities with 20 color variations and performance shade fabrics that offer a 4-year fade resistance and 4 year rot and mildew warranty.

Sunbrella fabrics have been a consumer recognized symbol of performance and have defined the industry standard for decades. These fabrics are built on a foundation of solution-dyed acrylic yarn, the most resilient and solid material for prolonged sun exposure, to offer even longer color retention rating than competing material sources. These high-end and uniquely designed products also come with a 5-year color retention and corrosion resistance warranty.
We offer limited swatches of Sunbrella Express colors only, which are listed on page 92 of our catalog at To inquire about receiving a swatch, please email with the color you are interested in and your preferred shipping address.
Most of our umbrellas have 8 ribs, with a few exceptions. The ALUS756 and LUNA116 have 6 ribs and the AAT604, ALTO604, FLEX604, and MARE604 have 4 ribs.
If the ribs of your umbrella are round, then they are fiberglass except for in the case of the SMPT pagoda model. If the ribs of your umbrella are square, then they are aluminum.
Fiberglass ribs are generally more flexible, especially in windy settings, than aluminum ribs. Our fiberglass ribs also have a 3-year warranty in comparison with the standard 1-year warranty on the aluminum ribs.
The height of our umbrellas is not adjustable unless stated otherwise in the product features and description.
Spreading the ribs of the umbrella prior to opening can loosen these ribs and allow the umbrella to be more easily pushed open. Using a stepstool can be helpful as well if the umbrella is difficult to operate due to height. We also offer crank open and pulley open umbrellas that are easier to open for people who have difficulty opening the push open models.
An auto-tilt umbrella can be tilted by continuing to crank the umbrella after the canopy has already been cranked open.
The collar tilt mechanism refers to the striped collar located right above the main crank handle on the umbrella. This collar can be twisted to tilt the umbrella. There is also a video tutorial available here.
Push tilt umbrellas are equipped with a push button on the upper region of the frame, near the ribs and canopy. When this button is depressed, the upper portion of the frame with the canopy can be simultaneously pushed to the desired direction of tilt.